Angela Neild (MBACP)

  • 16+ years experience
  • Anxiety Management: 6 week Brief Intervention
  • Addiction: 6 weeks Brief Intervention
  • Depression
  • Face to face/online/telephone counselling
  • Brief Intervention/Long term therapy
  • BA(Hons) Abuse Studies
  • Level 4 Counselling Diploma
  • CertHE Psychology
  • Fully certified/Insured

Contact: 07583 818492 to book a free advice session

Many people ask;

“How can talking help”? 
“What can counselling offer”?

Counselling is a safe space, free from judgement. Negative thoughts, feelings and behaviours do not define who we are. With help and support we can improve awareness and choices.

Emotions can impact on our ability to rationalise and counselling can be a safe space to develop emotional resilience.  We can learn to trust again and feel more confidant. 

Sometimes all we need is a space to learn and grow and find our potential.

Personal Introduction

I am currently studying for a Masters in advanced counselling and psychotherapy, due to qualify summer 2024. Coming from a working class background, my understanding of diversity, marginalised groups, discrimination and systemic failures is from personal experience as well as academic research. Rapport is one of the most important elements in therapy and my background and academic history allows me to connect with a diverse range of people.

Starting a level 4 counselling career in 2006 I worked in Tier 3 Substance Misuse services up to 2015.  I set up a private counselling practise in 2012 part time and now work full time self-employed.  

In 2019 I completed a BA (Hons) Abuse Studies, which offers a multi-faceted insight into many forms of abuse, safeguarding, policy, and legislation.  

Also, for the last ten years I have delivered an add on Person Centred Counselling service for clients in specialist social care rehabilitation centres, which is ongoing currently.  I also offer telephone counselling for clients referred via EAP organisations alongside my private practice.

I also have delivered holistic therapies in the past and can have an intuitive style of working.

Person Centred Counselling, Solution Focused Brief Intervention, Integrative and Psychosocial Interventions (ITEP).  BACP registered.

Common areas I work with are addiction, family/personal relationship issues, historical abuse, sexual assault, anxiety management, lifestyle balance, motivation, managing low moods, feeling suicidal, workplace issues, systemic discrimination, confidence and self esteem.

Contact Information

For further information you can contact me by phone or email, you can also text or leave a voice message and I will get back to you.

We can initially arrange a time to talk through your enquiry, free of charge.  I may be able to advise on various support options from myself or other organisations. 

Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly and tailored to your needs if you decide to try counselling. Options can start of with brief intervention or specific focus like anxiety management, with longer term support available for anyone who is not sure of a focus, but just wanting to try and make sense of why they may be feeling a particular way.

North Manchester Counselling and Supervision

Call or Text: 07583 818492

£50 sessions

£65 supervision 1.5 hours

Discounts for students and low income.

Other experience includes group work facilitation, ITEP, Brief Intervention, Relapse Prevention, addiction, Safeguarding, Assessment, Care planning, Motivational interviewing, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Anger Management, Anxiety Management, Communication skills and other qualifications in holistic therapies such as Acupuncture, Reiki level 2, Indian Head Massage, Swedish Massage.

Some feedback from clients:

”My time in counselling was well spent.  I found it easy to talk to you and just be myself.  I had spent so many years with all those resentments, you helped me to realise that holding on to them was doing me no good.  You also gave me confidence to talk about my issues that I had just dismissed in the past.  You are a credit to your profession, keep up the good work.  I found all our sessions worthwhile, positive and always left feeling reassured. Thank you” Male peer Bury

”Counselling has helped me massively in my treatment here.  I have overcome a great deal from my past that has had a destructive effect on my adult life.  Talking specifically in counselling has helped me gain a greater understanding of how things that happened in my formative years has contributed to my mental and emotional breakdown.  Counselling helped me gain acceptance of the past and given me a healthier, happy view of life and the future.  I am now looking forward to an optimistic, positive future for me and my children.  Thank you for guiding me and supporting me”  Female peer Bury

”I hated the thought of counselling, yet when I engaged in it, I drew a line under a couple of things that I had not been able to approach in the last 20 odd years.  With Angela’s guidance I have played a couple of tapes right to the end.  I would not have been able to do this without Angela’s help, so hold up most respect for the woman.  Thanks Angela it feels so comfortable without these burdens.” Male peer Bury

”I found counselling very helpful to me as part of my treatment and found different angles to my experiences.  It has given me plenty to think about and it was very easy to open up.  Thank you” Male peer Bury

Private practice is based in North Manchester.

My prices are as follows:

£60 1-1 counselling: Swinton, North Manchester (Clarendon counselling offices/terms and conditions). Daytime only/weekdays. Disabled access, private location, on site parking.

£50 Telephone/Online counselling (daytime and evening availability)

North Manchester Counselling and Supervision available.

07583 818492

Angela Neild

For more information contact: 07583 818492


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